Join us for supper in Camp Hill

About the Watershed

The concept of The Watershed Pub developed as we began to think about the impact of our region on the Susquehanna River Valley and ultimately the Chesapeake Watershed. Our area directly contributes to ongoing challenges in the Bay and we wanted to showcase a menu mindful of that impact.

About Camp Hill

If you Google Camp Hill, you’ll learn that it’s 3 miles away from Harrisburg and hosted some Civil War activity.
If you ask someone sitting next to you on a bar stool, you’ll learn that Camp Hill is a neighborhood chock full of friendly neighbors.

All of our beer selections come from The Millworks Brewery in Harrisburg, PA.

our purpose

The ownership and employees of The Watershed Pub and its partner restaurant and brewery, The Millworks, are committed to lowering human impact on the globe and our region by evaluating every aspect of our sourcing. Having become small farmers ourselves, we are continually appreciating the value of our food heritage.